Monday Aug 14, 2023

A Teacher at Charlemagne’s Court

When we hear the word Renaissance, we normally think of 14th and 15th-century Europe. But this word was used for other times in history. The 9th century was another important time of discovery and learning - particularly at the court of the powerful Charlemagne, king of the Franks, later known as Holy Roman Emperor. How did he get that title? Did he really have a pet elephant and a favorite cheese shipped to his door from Italy? Join Lucy, Linus, and Mina as they travel back to Charlemagne's court to discover all this and more with the expert guidance of the Reverend Dr. Robert Evans, Chaplain at Radley College in Oxford, England. And don't miss a riddle presented by Alcuin, an important teacher at Charlemagne's court. Try answering it without looking it up!

Here's the riddle: “Three there have been: one never born and once dead; another once born, never dead; the third once born and twice dead.”


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