Monday Nov 06, 2023

Anselm of Canterbury: Why the God-Man?

Anselm of Canterbury is one of the most celebrated medieval thinkers. He is especially famous for the questions he asked and answered. Join our hosts, Lucy, Sophia, and Grace, as they bring their own questions to Dr. Samu Niskanen, professor of Medieval History at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and learn more about this fascinating person—his struggles with a king and his loving and gentle personality. (And learn what Hei Hei means in Finnish.)

We are grateful to Reformation Heritage Books for providing two copies of Simonetta Carr's book on Anselm of Canterbury for a giveaway for our listeners. Congratulations to Kate R. from Bronx, NY, Maria S. from Greer, SC, and Stephanie S. from Monrovia, CA, our giveaway winners!

Show Notes:

How do you say “Why the God-man?” in Finnish? Miksi Jumala mies

Dr. Niskanen said that J.R.R. Tolkien's well known trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, inspired his interest in medieval history! 

He also said his favorite Finnish food is karjalanpiirakka, or Karelian pie, which sounds delicious! Maybe you could try to make one with your mom or dad!

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