Monday Dec 19, 2022

Athanasius and the Nicene Creed

As we prepare for Christmas, let's see why it's important to say that Jesus is fully God and fully man. How is that even possible? Wouldn't it be easier to say that Jesus was just similar to God? Does that make much of a difference? These questions divided the Christian world when Athanasius became the bishop of Alexandria, Egypt, in 328. Join our hosts, Lucas, Christian, Linus, and Emma, as they talk about the adventurous life of Athanasius. He faced many dangers for insisting that Jesus is equal to the Father when many Roman emperors found other explanations more convenient. Dr. Carl Trueman, Professor of Biblical & Religious Studies at Grove City College, joins the discussion to help our hosts with listener questions and a few more of their own Discover what a creed is, why creeds are important, and whether Dr. Trueman has a favorite Christmas song.

You can enter a drawing for an opportunity to win a copy of Simonetta Carr’s book, Athanasius: Christian Biographies for Young Readers. They are provided courtesy of our friends at Reformation Heritage Books.

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You can watch a video on Athanasius that previews the book above.

Dr. Trueman's Reading Suggestions

  • Simonetta Carr's Church History Books
  • Christian Focus Trail Blazers Series 
  • 2,000 Years of Christ’s Power by Nick Needham
  • Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther By Roland H. Bainton 

image: Ikone Athanasius von Alexandria, public domain

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