Monday Sep 26, 2022

Blandina and Persecution in the Roman Empire

Following the long story of Christ's church, Lucy, Lucas, and Trinity talk about the first mass persecution of Christians, the courage of Blandina and her friends, and what this meant for the church. They also discuss persecution in general and how Christ is keeping His promise of preserving His church when others try to destroy it. They share their questions with Dr. Richard Bishop, Registrar and Director of Institutional Research at Westminster Seminary California. Tune in to find out why the Romans persecuted Christians, whether Christians really hid in catacombs, and more.

Show Notes

Read Simonetta's article "Blandina – God’s Strength in Weakness"

Read more on the martyrdom of Blandina from Eusebius:
The Church History of Eusebius, Book 5, Chapter 1

The story of Blandina is included in Simonetta's book Irenaeus - Christian Biographies For Young Readers, available at


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