Monday Sep 11, 2023

Cyril, Methodius, and the Missions to Eastern Europe

Does the rain not fall equally upon all people? Does the sun not shine for all, and do we not all breathe the air in equal measure? Why then, are you not ashamed to recognize only three languages and command the other nations and races to be blind and deaf?” Who said this? A sixteenth-century Reformer, right? Wrong. It was a ninth-century missionary, Cyril, who worked with his brother Methodius to bring the Scriptures to the Slavs – even when it meant inventing an entirely new alphabet! Join Emma, Grace, Christian, and Mina as they discover more about these early missionaries and translators and the struggles they encountered. To guide them in their discoveries is Dr. Ed Smither, professor of Intercultural Studies and History of Global Christianity at Columbia International University.

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