Monday Jun 17, 2024

Guido de Bres and the Reformation in the Netherlands

On November 2, 1561, the gatekeeper at the castle of Tounay found a package which had been thrown over the wall. It included what is known as the Belgic Confession, plus a letter addressed to King Philip II of Spain, who ruled over much of the Netherlands. The author of the letter and the Confession was a pastor named Guido de Bres. What did he try to accomplish, and how was his package received? Join Sophia, Linus, and Emma as they interview Dr. Wes Bredenhof, Pastor of the Free Reformed Church, Launceston, Tasmania, to find these answers and more.

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The Belgic Confession, written by Guido de Bres:

Dr. Brehenhof said that his favorite Australian dish is curried scallop pie, and it’s from Tasmania, the area where he lives which is the smallest state in Australia. Check it out online – it looks delicious!

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