Monday Nov 21, 2022

Irenaeus and the Gnostics

Join Lucy, Lucas, and Linus as they continue to explore the fascinating history of the early church. In this new episode of Kids Talk Church History, they interview Fr. John Behr, an Eastern Orthodox priest and theologian and one of the foremost experts on the early church, about the subject of one of his books, Irenaeus of Lyons. Find out about the people we now call Gnostics, what were some of their strange ideas and why they thought they were not strange at all, why trying to know God outside of the Scriptures is never a good idea, who was the first bishop of Rome, and much more. Also, sign up to possibly win a copy of Simonetta Carr's Irenaeus of Lyons! We'll be giving away the book thanks to the generosity of Reformation Heritage Books.

Show Notes

You can purchase Simonetta's book Irenaeus - Christian Biographies For Young Readers on sale at Reformed Resources.

Read more from Simonetta in her column Cloud of Witnesses over at Place for Truth:
"Irenaeus – Loved by the Reformers, Still Refreshing Today"


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