Monday Mar 25, 2024

Jeanne d'Albret and the Reformation in France

In December 1560, Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Navarre, displayed great courage by publicly professing her Reformed faith at a time when the larger Kingdom of France, to which Navarre was strongly connected, was firmly Roman Catholic. Join Lucy, Trinity, and Christian as they discover what happened after Jeanne's profession of faith and how the Reformation in France progressed for a while and was eventually suppressed by the government. Their guest today is Christine Farenhorst, author of Wings Like a Dove: The Courage of Queen Jeanne D'albret, published by P&R Books.

Thanks to P&R Publishing, we awarded two copies of Christine Farernhorst's book to offer our listeners. Congratulations to Amanda W. from Cedar Creek, TX and Richard P. from Madera, CA!

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