Monday Oct 10, 2022

The First Christian Nations

Join Lucas, Trinity, and Mina in exploring the history of ancient Armenia, Georgia (a nation in Europe), and Ethiopia—the first nations to officially become Christian. Hear about George the Illuminator, who survived 13 years in a grim prison thanks to a woman who fed him bread; Hripsime, who fought the king's advances for seven hours - and won; Nino, an enslaved woman who brought the Gospel to Georgia; and Frumentius and Edesius, who started on a sea adventure with their uncle and ended up as the king's servants in Ethiopia. Discover how these people manage to convince rulers that Jesus is the only savior, how three whole nations became Christian, and more with our hosts and their special guest, Rev. Eric Clausen. The latter runs an exciting podcast named Faithful Forebearers.

Show Notes

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Faithful Forebearers

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