Monday Feb 12, 2024

Ulrich Zwingli: An Early Reformer

When we talk about the Protestant Reformation, most people remember Martin Luther and John Calvin. However, a third man had a significant influence at the start of the Reformation: Ulrich Zwingli. Join Trinity, Christian, and Linus as they travel back to Reformation Switzerland with their guest, Rev. William Boekestein, to discover who Zwingli really was. Also, find out why having a sausage-fest on March 9 might be a good idea!

Thanks to our generous friends at Christian Focus Publications for providing two copies of William Boekestein's book, Ulrich Zwingli: Shepherd Warrior for a giveaway. Congratulations to our winners, Scott C. from Sandy, UT and Heather B. from Newnan, GA!


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Ulrich Zwingli: Shepherd Warrior:

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