Monday Nov 07, 2022

Why the Pilgrims Left England

It's almost Thanksgiving. As our hosts start planning their family gatherings, they begin to review the history of this yearly holiday and decide to learn more about why the group of settlers known as Pilgrim Fathers chose to come to America. They were not the first to arrive on this continent and definitely not the first to leave England for religious reasons. What exactly were those reasons? When did these so-called Nonconformists start disagreeing with the Church of England? And what happened to those who stayed there? Join Lucy, Lucas, and Linus as they ask these and many other questions to Rev. Gary Brady, pastor of Child's Hill Baptist Church in North West London and author of the book, The Great Ejection, 1662.

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Show Notes

The Great Ejection – Nonconformists and 1662, Gary Brady

To find out more about the non-conformists, we recommend you read Simonetta's books on John Owen and John Bunyan.

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