Monday Dec 18, 2023

Wyclif, Hus, and Other Early Reformers

We often hear of medieval men like John Wyclif and Jan Hus as forerunners of the Reformation. That means they had many of the same questions and ideas as those who started and carried out the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. These men saw some serious problems in the church and wanted to fix them, but were they really forerunners, or Reformers in their own rights? And were they the only ones? What happened to them and to their followers? How were the Bible and the Psalter used in those days? Explore these and many other topics with Trinity, Lucas, and Linus as they bring their questions to Dr. Audrey Southgate, lecturer in Medieval English at Lincoln College, Oxford, and teacher at Emmanuel Christian School.


Show Notes:

Book recommended by Audrey Southgate:

Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History 



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